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Organizations that implement succession planning will have at least one internal process champion.

That person or a small team of persons will implement and administer the process. At first it feels like a project - with many decisions to make and initial data to collect, store, analyze and set meeting agendas. Meeting agendas evolve as the process matures. Metrics to measure success within the first succession planning effort and across subsequent planning cycles are built into our methodology. Subscribing to our software is highly recommended but not required. Our software is ready-fit to our models and provides a wide range of analyses and metrics reports with a few mouse clicks. Our software represents an almost indispensable productivity enhancer for all involved with succession planning and executive development.

Our one day seminars cover the basics of strategy, process and logistics. Our two day workshops help you plan the planning process and start implementation. Our software includes initial training and ongoing support. Our consulting services are available to you for expert guidance along the way.

In delivering consulting services we sometimes work with the process champion and the management team together and sometimes we work completely behind the scenes with only the process champion. It depends upon the specific situation which is best and how we deliver consulting services is always up to you.

Our consulting services are optional and can be arranged and paid for based upon hourly or daily rates. We also offer on demand consulting services on a retainer basis. Our customers who pay for consulting services on a retainer basis receive our lowest hourly rates and have first priority scheduling preference.

Typical consulting services we provide include but are not limited to the following:

  • Implementation planning following a one day seminar

  • Implementation support beyond workshop level

  • Deliver executive level briefings to obtain / reinforce top management support

  • Deliver tailored management team training sessions to kick off the process

  • Coach the process champion on conducting initial data collection interviews with executives

  • Shadow the process champion on initial data collection interviews and provide feedback

  • Provide support on conducting organization data analysis

  • Provide support on converting various analysis and metric reports to meeting presentation format

  • Provide expert 3rd party executive team meeting facilitation

  • Provide train the trainer on any or all of the above to the process champion or admin team.

For questions or to discuss rates for consulting services please contact us using the form at:

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