Event History

Two Day Workshops

January 14 - 15, 2009
Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel
Seoul, South Korea

One Day Workshops

04/21/10 in Washington, DC
03/11/10 in New York, NY
02/25/10 in Las Vegas, NV
01/12/10 in Phoenix, AX
11/18/09 in Dallas, TX
11/12/09 in New York, NY
02/28/08 in Gaithersburg, MD
12/05/07 in Edwards AFB, CA
09/11/07 in Minneapolis, MN
09/10/07 in Minneapolis, MN
06/07/07 in Long Beach, CA
06/05/07 in San Francisco, CA
05/17/07 in Los Angeles, CA
04/23/07 in Chicago, IL
11/28/06 in Tucson, AZ
11/17/06 in Fort Meade, MD
04/24/06 in Atlanta, GA
01/06/06 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
10/05/05 in Phoenix, AZ
04/22/05 in Gaithersburg, MD
02/28/05 in Miami, FL
06/24/04 in Morristown, NJ
02/21/03 in Orlando, FL
02/23/03 in Atlanta, GA
12/08/03 in Tampa, FL
09/22/03 in Atlanta, GA
02/22/03 in Atlanta, GA
12/17/02 in Cleveland, OH
12/14/02 in New York, NY
10/23/02 in Scottsdale, AZ
05/28/02 in Morristown, NJ
05/03/02 in San Diego, CA
03/04/02 in Dallas, TX
01/10/02 in Kansas City, MO
09/21/01 in Austin, TX
06/18/01 in Harrisburg, PA
04/10/01 in San Diego, CA
02/20/01 in Belmar, NJ
11/07/00 in New Orleans, LA
12/07/99 in Washington, DC
11/16/99 in New Orleans, LA
10/05/99 in San Diego, CA
09/14/99 in Chicago, IL
08/10/99 in New York, NY
02/24/99 in Scottsdale, AZ
02/10/99 in San Francisco, CA
01/27/99 in Atlanta, GA
01/13/99 in Chicago, IL
04/01/98 in New York, NY
03/13/98 in Phoenix, AZ
12/05/97 in San Francisco, CA
11/06/97 in Chicago, IL
10/29/97 in New Orleans, LA
10/23/97 in Chicago, IL
09/23/97 in New York, NY
09/21/97 in Chicago, IL
06/14/97 in San Francisco, CA
05/20/97 in Atlanta, GA
05/14/97 in Chicago, IL
04/28/97 in Nashville, TN
04/08/97 in Chicago, IL
03/19/97 in New Orleans, LA
03/17/97 in San Francisco, CA
03/05/97 in Toronto, CAN
02/26/97 in Chicago, IL
11/13/96 in Chicago, IL
09/16/96 in Toronto, CAN
07/26/95 in Boston, MA
12/01/94 in New Orleans, LA
08/22/94 in San Francisco, CA
08/09/94 in Chicago, IL


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HR professionals do not have the luxury of
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Ready in days not months. Affordable with
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