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"We were facing a big task in Skanska. The need to create a succession planning process for the top 100 positions located around the globe, and have it web-based for ease of use and real time access for executives. Mark's pragmatic, results oriented approach resonated with our CEO and the senior executive team. He delivered on his promises and provided us with a solid process for guiding the development of our next generation of leaders."

- Richard Caldera, former Senior Vice President HR, Skanska AB
Currently Senior Vice President HR, Heidrick and Struggles

Success Associates models and processes were a major influence in the Talent Management System I developed and launched for my previous employer, Bowne & Co., Inc. of New York City, in 2000.  Here it is seven years later and it is still going strong.  In fact, an insider recently shared, ‘the Board of Directors loves the process.’  This long term sustainability is due, in large part, to the Success Associates models and processes I integrated into the system.  They provide a simple, straightforward way for leaders to think about and then discuss their talent.  The power of these models is the main reason I reconnected with Mark Caruso and brought him in for a seminar with our top Organizational Effectiveness leaders at Ameriprise Financial in September 2007.”

- Dennis McGreevy, Director Talent Management, Ameriprise Financial

Most succession planning dies under its own weight because it becomes too complicated, too expensive and eventually its ROI becomes harder and harder to realize and justify. Success Associates’ process is simple, straightforward, and most important, engaging, as it allows decision makers to discuss staff in terms all understand.  We were first exposed to the models at a public forum seminar. Then we brought the workshop in-house to secure buy in from key decision makers reporting to the Chairman.  With Mark's guidance and facilitation we also completed the implementation planning with this important group.  Mark provided value added consulting services at the various division level consensus, analysis and action planning meetings and delivered the key process training as we expanded the population in the plan from all SVPs and VPs to all directors across North America.”

- Dick W. Gonzales, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Safeway

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Workshop Attendance by Sector

Case Study Summaries


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