It's every HR executive's worst nightmare. As the economy improves, a key leader on your management team leaves to pursue a new opportunity…only weeks before your company closes the books on its quarterly financial results.

Without a succession plan, you're left to identify a temporary replacement and then conduct a lengthy executive search to find someone with the requisite skills and abilities. As the succession process remains unclear, your employees are left to wonder how to move critical business decisions forward.

Sound familiar? It doesn't have to work this way. Take the top 100, 200 or 300 leaders in your organization. Wouldn't it be beneficial to predict which of your company's most important positions will become vacant due to an internal move and which executives will leave the organization entirely in the next 12 months? Of course it would. And what if, by using this type of knowledge, you could proactively identify and groom the next generation of leaders to step up and fill gaps in your leadership team? Wouldn't you like to be able to minimize the disruption of management changes on your business?

Now you can.

For many companies, succession planning is a loosely defined concept and poorly implemented process. Most organizations have no method of collecting, summarizing and analyzing the key data on their top leaders in this context. And yet it is the intellectual capital - your employees -- that deliver a company's products, services and ultimately, its profits. In order to lessen the impact of brain drain, your company must have a sustainable people agenda with the right processes, systems and tools in place.

Hundreds of companies around the world, from American Airlines and BMW to NASDAQ and Watson Wyatt, have turned to Success Associates to develop strategic processes for deploying, leveraging and retaining their key leadership. With Success Associates' simple, powerful and proven succession planning processes, your organization can eliminate the impact of executive departures and help identify and develop your next generation of leaders.

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