This page summarizes our website links that focus on our services. Success Associates specializes in succession planning to drive organization effectiveness. Success Associates uniquely provides all the necessary components:

  • Education - through highest rated seminars or workshops
  • Consulting Services - to assist with implementation and as needed in the future
  • Software as a Service - affordable and ready fit to our best in class models

Executive Summaries

For a brief overview of our services see Company Profile.
To learn why our approach is so successful see It is All About the Conversations.
For an outline of our 10 step process see Turnkey Methodology.

Education Services

For an overview of our education programs see Seminars and Workshops.
To see the agenda for our three hour webinar see Webinars.
To see a typical full agenda for a one day seminar see Seminars.
To view a typical full agenda for a two day workshop see Workshops.
To see a schedule of public events and register see Schedule and Register.

Consulting Services

For an overview of our consulting services see Consulting Services.

Software as a Service

For an Overview of our Succession Planning SaaS see Software Overview.
For a glimpse of the graphical user interface see Features and Menu.
How we deliver the application and protect your data see Network and Data Center.

What Our Customers Say about Our Services

For brief testimonials see Seminar Testimonials.
We also invite you to view Case Study Summaries.
And see the breadth of organizations that have attended our Workshops by Sector.

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