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Highly credible workforce age demographics predict an unavoidable tsunami of executive level talent shortage on a global basis for the next decade.  In the past, attention to succession planning has waned in times of less than full employment and cycles back in times of full employment. Today, organizations that fail to implement a viable succession planning process that effectively drives tactical leadership development initiatives clearly put their corporate growth objectives at severe risk.

On the other hand, due to recessionary pressure in 2009 your burning platform could be the need for a framework to downsize the number of leadership positions. Payroll often represents the largest expense line. Middle and senior management positions are the big ticket salaries. Implementing succession planning to retain the right leaders to successfully rebuild is brilliant.

At the same time the increased need for effective succession planning exists, numerous survey research studies show that a large majority of organizations are not satisfied with their efforts. Studies also show that executive turnover is increasing. The two top reasons executives leave are lack of challenge for personal growth and thinking that there are limited advancement opportunities. This is ironic since developing talent to improve the leadership pipeline is the next step following succession planning. In addressing the need to grow leadership talent from within, organizations that provide more targeted and more meaningful executive development experiences will improve executive retention.  

The foremost purposes of succession planning are that it both identifies the gap between what an organization has for leadership talent and what it needs to meet its growth objectives and also identifies and prioritizes individual development needs. With a growing shortage of leadership talent in the marketplace, organizations will increasingly be forced to develop talent from within. This course is for practitioners who desire solid practical guidance in establishing succession planning that drives return on investment for executive development.

This course content is highly innovative in that it is 1) proven to work internationally and cross functionally within organizations, 2) simple and easy to understand and implement, 3) delivers compelling outcomes with efficient use of executive’s time, 4) uniquely predicts vacant positions in the next 12 months, 5) contains useful research regarding a key policy issue and 6) provides practical tools for each step in the total solution.   You should not miss this course if you are involved with installing a new or improving an existing succession planning process.
Attend this two-day course to secure expert advice on:

  • Learning best in class succession planning methods and models
  • Designing and Developing an approach tailored to your organisation
  • Implementing succession planning while avoiding common mistakes
  • Assessing the strength and depth of your leadership teams
  • Predicting the leadership positions that will become vacant in the next 12 months
  • Determining the leadership development priorities from your succession planning data
  • Collecting data, preparing presentations of the data, and facilitating the meetings
  • Measuring success in your succession planning and leadership development efforts
  • Demonstrating ROI for succession planning and leadership development
  • Considering many interesting mini case study examples throughout the program
  • Maximising the benefits of change management, retention and competitive advantage
  • Obtaining the latest tools and techniques to apply at different stages of the process



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