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Success Associates invites you to attend our 3 hour webinar sharing our practical guidance on the design, implementation, facilitation and measurement of succession planning.

Webinar Agenda

First Hour Agenda

  • The Top 12 Reasons for Succession Planning
  • Succession Planning Context and Definition
  • Approach Characteristics and Expected Outcomes
  • Only 10 Critical Succession Planning Data Elements
  • Levels of Management Model
  • Rating of Potential with Your Organization as a Backdrop
  • A Powerful Stages of Development Model - Easy to Adopt
  • Data Collection Format - A 10 Minute Interview Guide
  • Research Findings on Ratings of Potential Disclosure

Second Hour Agenda

  • The Top 10 Implementation Mistakes to Avoid
  • How to Predict Position Vacancies in the Next 12 Months
  • Data Presentation Methodology
  • Facilitating the Talent Review Meeting
  • 5 Categories of Priority Action Planning

Third Hour Agenda

  • Preview of Reports in a Typical Succession Plan
  • Answering the Questions Top Executives Care About
  • Strategic Development and Readiness Review Meetings
  • Summary Calls to Action
  • Long Term Process Improvements

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Top 12 Reasons - Succession Planning

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