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Our one day Succession Planning seminars cover practical aspects from A to Z.

We have two versions - one for Corporations and one for Government Operations.

The Corporate one day seminar is regularly delivered as a public offering - see schedule.

We also offer the corporate one day seminar as a dedicated event at your location.

For dedicated events, we work with you by phone beforehand to adjust it to your needs.

The Government Operations one day seminar is also regularly delivered as a public offering sponsored by the United States Office of Personnel Management Western Region Development Center or by Federal Executive Boards located throughout the United States. We also offer a dedicated event at your location for federal agencies, state and city government levels, as well as local municipal agencies such as police and fire departments.

Please contact us to discuss scheduling a one day dedicated seminar at your location.

Each participant in our one day seminars receives a bound handout of all presentation materials. The coordinator of each dedicated event also receives a CD of the materials for their use in succession planning implementation in the organization

The following is a topic outline of a typical one day (corporate oriented) public seminar.

We tailor all dedicated on-site seminars to your specific objectives and purpose.

Morning Agenda

  • Participant Introductions and Opening Remarks

  • The Top 12 Reasons For Succession Planning

  • Succession Planning Context and Definition

  • Approach Characteristics and Expected Outcomes

  • Only 12 Critical Succession Planning Data Elements

  • Levels of Management Model

  • Rating of Potential with Your Organization as Backdrop

  • A Powerful Stages of Development Model – Easy to Adopt

  • Data Collection Format – A 10 minute Interview Guide

  • Interactive Audience Debate – Rating of Potential Disclosure

Afternoon Agenda

  • The Top 10 Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

  • Overview of Typical Reports in a Succession Plan

  • How to Predict Position Vacancies in Next 12 Months

  • How to Structure the Initial Consensus Meetings

  • Rater Bias and 3 Sets of Meeting Ground Rules
  • Data Presentation Methodology
  • Running the Analyses and Action Planning Meetings

  • 5 Categories of Priority Action Planning:
  • Each has a data view, questions for discussion, action strategies, and suggested metrics.
  • Strategic Development and Readiness Review Meetings

  • Summary Calls to Action

  • Long Term Process Improvements

    A federal government agency audience one day seminar could add the following topics:

  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management resource availability (OPM)

  • The Center for Leadership Capacity Services (CLCS)

  • Chief Human Capital Officer Act of 2002 (CHCO)

  • Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF)

  • The Human Resources Line of Business initiative (HRLOB)

  • The Federal Workforce Flexibility Act


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