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Get Started Immediately

  • Software is ready for your use in days not months

Low Cost Fixed Price Subscription Agreement

  • Annual subscription for less than the average cost of one executive search

  • Price not dependent upon or adjusted by the number of records in your database

No Set-up Fees

  • Your logo is prominent on the application screens and reports at no charge

  • Many data fields are configured to your choices in terminology at no charge

  • User security is configured at no charge

  • Initial data transfer (upload) of employees’, positions’ and training courses’ data at no charge

Start up Software Training Included at No Charge

  • Receive live training on your system via secure WebEx from our system expert.

Ongoing User Support Included in Your Basic Subscription Agreement

  • Online help is integrated on every screen in the system

  • We provide live WebEx, phone and email support - see our service level agreement for details

  • Success Associates is committed to go above and beyond to ensure your success.

Flexible Plans for Data Transfer Services - The One Optional “Extra” Service Fee

  • The first upload of basic employee, position and course data is free of charge as mentioned above.

  • As changes occur in your organization, all data can be updated manually - new hires, terminations, title changes, reporting relationship changes and so forth at any time. To make all these changes automatically and at once a “refresh” of the data upload is more efficient.

  • Different organizations have different needs for periodically uploading extracts from their HRIS or payroll system to update this data.

  • You can choose to update manually, purchase refresh support as needed, or purchase a bundle of refresh support services.

Free Upgrades and No Surcharges

  • Any and all enhancements we implement during the term of your contract are at no charge.

  • Any third party software component license price increases we experience are paid by Success Associates.

Graphic User Interface Introduction

Here is a brief introduction to the Success Associates software as a service graphic interface.

Our frame of reference is from a combined HR and IT practitioner’s point of view drawn from over 20 years of experience.

At the heart of our software is process content that is proven simple yet powerful and globally replicable.

Our software solution features ease of use, comprehensiveness, and extreme reliability.

Customers access the software through a secure connection using login credentials provided.

Home Page Basic View

System functionality is organized in folders in the navigation bar on the left under the blue “Explore” tab.

A mouse click on any folder in the explore navigation list opens it to an expanded view of the contents.

The five icons in the upper right corner appear on every screen as short cuts to the following 5 common tasks:


  • Return to the home page

  • Search for a record or build a set of records to work with

  • Access the online help function

  • Email the system administrator

  • Log off the system

“Explore” Tab Folders Expanded View

The following screen displays the contents of the “Explore” tab with all the menu folders expanded.

During set-up we can “hide” functionality you choose not to use - and of course bring it back later at any time.

The “Report List” item in the navigation menu was selected. Standard reports organized within the report folders display.

Full organization charting is also available through the interface.


“Sets” Tab Selected with Reports Folders Opened View

“Sets” functionally provides the ability to create the set of records you want to work with.

Sets can be created to work with different types of records for example a set of employees or a set of positions.

Sets are created by specifying various criteria for the set. Sets can be easily edited by adding or subtracting records in the set.

With this example set of employees, if you click on a “list” report this set will be applied to the report.

If your interest was seeing an individual style report, simply highlight the name in set on the left and the report on the right.

Or you can create the entire set of individual reports to view or print. This is a real time saver.

Sets of records you use regularly can be saved for future use.


For more information


Software Overview summarizes information on the following topics:

  • Software platform

  • Reporting

  • Search and query

  • Configuration

  • Workflow

  • Security

  • Data integration

  • Position and hierarchy control

  • Roles management

  • HR global data warehouse

  • Metrics

  • Application integration


Network and Data Security addresses the following topics:

  • Technical certifications

  • Network description

  • Network architecture diagram

  • Data center power systems

  • Environmental controls

  • Security and access

  • Fire suppression systems

  • Online security

  • Continuous data protection

Success Associates welcomes the opportunity to provide you a live software demonstration via WebEx.

To arrange for a software demonstration please click here Request a Free Webinar.


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